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What does a new boiler cost?

The time has come to invest in a new boiler. Although the idea of having a brand new boiler in your home is an exciting one, the idea of having to fork out the cash to buy it isn't.

What is the best central heating system for a UK house?

The price of a new boiler

With the great variety of boilers available today, it is fair that there is quite a range in terms of cost. Depending on the system of the boiler, it can cost anything between £500 and £2,500. The most affordable kinds of boilers in the UK are the conventional boilers that cost between £400 and £1,500, and the combi boilers that are between £500 and £2,000.

A condensing boiler has a higher low-end cost and ranges between £1,300 and £2,500. Finally, the most expensive boilers in the UK are biomass boilers that cost anything between £7,000 - £13,000.

Most people who are on the market for a new boiler find what they need in the combi boiler. It is an electric boiler that costs between £1,500 - £4,500. Combi boilers have significant benefits, including:

  • Installing a combi boiler will save you a great deal of space as it is much more compact than other kinds of boilers. In fact, these combi boilers are so small that they can easily fit into your laundry space or kitchen.

  • A combi boiler will deliver increased water pressure.

  • Combi boilers are affordable to buy, install, and service. You'll find that the boiler offers significantly lower costs.

  • A combi boiler offers heating that is cleaner.

  • Better efficiency results in decreased costs and lowers fuel consumption.

  • A combi boiler is environmentally friendly, so you are heating your home without hurting your environment.

Although the electric combi is the most popular, another combi option is available: the oil-fired model. You can get one for between £1,000 and £2,800.

An oil-fired combi boiler has pros and cons. The upside of having an oil-fired combi boiler is the incredible efficiency that it provides. However, the downsides are that oil prices rise constantly, and an oil-fired boiler requires proper and frequent maintenance.

How much does it cost to install a boiler?

The costs of boiler installation differ greatly based on the installer you hire. However, you can expect to pay between £1,500 and £3,500 for the installation of your boiler. Now suppose you need to have a boiler fitted; you can't help but wonder what it will cost to fit your boiler. It can cost between £350 and £750 in labour costs to fit a boiler.

This will include all the fittings and copper pipes needed for simple installation, but the boiler or filter isn't included. Now, you might be looking at all the numbers and wondering whether it is indeed worth it to get a new boiler. Of course, it is. A new boiler boosts the value of your property, keeps your home warm more efficiently, and saves you costs in the long run.

Nu-Age Conclusion

Investing in a new boiler is something you and your family will appreciate for years to come. A warm and comfortable home leads to a pleasant and happy life.

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