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Smart Thermostat Installation

Hive & Google Nest thermostat installation in Coventry & Warwickshire

Are you looking for a Nest Pro HVAC technician near you or Nest Pro installer? Nu Age are specialists in fast and efficient smart thermostat installations - including replacing Honeywell with a Nest and installing a Hive Active heating system in your home.

Nu Age knows no limits when it comes to Heating your home. We thrive off our knowledge and can offer all the latest up to date products to accommodate for your central heating. From design and planning, to a complete system installation, we install standard radiator systems, boilers, underfloor heating, renewable energy and hot air / cooling systems.


With unlimited options on radiators and designs, we’ll ensure you’ve got the right products and the right central heating systems, in your home, to keep you snug as a bug on the coldest of evenings - this includes fitting a smart thermostat. 


We can work with the smallest of ideas or put into action a plan you already have. With free quotations for new Nest learning thermostat installations, we will arrange for our project manager to attend your home, discuss your overall project and provide you with as much knowledge as you require to optimise your heating system to your needs. We will then provide you with a written quotation within 24 hours, because we're good like that! If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable and customer focused company to take care of your heating, then here we are!

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