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Meet the Nu Age Heating & Interiors team

With over 15 years experience, Nu Age Heating & Interiors Ltd is a Coventry business built on values of hard work and great service. Led by solid experience and technical expertise, our pride in tidy work and timely completion will put you at ease when undergoing domestic projects or general maintenance work.



The Guru at Nu-Age. There's not much Kieran doesn't know when it comes to plumbing & heating. Kierans' pride & attention to detail means he produces flawless bathroom installations and dedicates most of his efforts into this part of the business. As well as clay pigeon shooting, Kieran's an avid hiker,  completing the three peaks and continuing to walk up and down the nation with his dog, Archie. 

Kieran at Nu Age



After living in London for 7 years, Daniel decided enough was enough and returned home to Join Kieran with the business at the start of 2021.  Daniel loves fixing boilers and manages the heating & general maintenance side of the business. Daniel can be found jumping out of planes, bungee jumping or scuba diving when not plumbing.

Daniel at Nu Age


The Cooker Monster. £10 says they'll be a packet of Tesco's finest cookies found strapped up in the passenger seat. James has molded into the perfect plumber, with nothing he can't undertake. From full bathroom renovations, boiler plant rooms & renewable energy installations! James is a devoted family man with two young children.

James at Nu Age


The Nu Age Daddy, Speedy Gonzales, The Guzzler. Just a few names to describe Uncle Lee. The friendliest person you’ll ever get to meet, and without doubt a guaranteed giggle no matter what mood you’re in. Lee is the oldest dog on the block at Nu Age and with ripeness, comes great experience and wisdom. Lee gets the job done on time, every time, no questions asked.  A Family man with a couple of kids & dogs to match.



Reactive Man at your service. Rhys lives in the fast lane and is the Nu Age repair man. Leak? Boiler repair? Broken Cat? Rhys’ll fix it. Unfortunately Rhys is an Arsenal fan so we have dedicated calls to ensure he’s still maintaining a positive attitude (only joking!) and is a season ticket holder so travels down to most of the games!



Tom is not a man to be messed with. On time, every time. Sometimes we forget Tom actually works here as he’s so good at what he does, he doesn't even need to ask questions! We’ve experimented with Tom's ability and thrown him in the deepest of deep ends and he’s still come out looking for a bigger challenge! Tom’s hobby outside of plumbing is going shopping with his girlfriend and apparently that's about it, he knows the score to a happy home life!


Bathroom Fitter

HAAAAR YEAAHHH. If you know you know. One man, One bathroom. Nick is at the top of his game in the bathroom world with nothing he can’t overcome and make shine into an absolute diamond. Nick is one of few tilers within the West Midlands area who can achieve a perfect mitered edge on any tile. An absolute joy to be around & has crazy five year old energy at 7 in the morning. Nick wanted to let it be known that he once swallowed a slug for a pound, then swallowed the pound.


Bathroom Fitter

How do you like your silicone? Myles loves a bathroom installation so much, he’s been heard sleep talking about sticking tiles to the wall! He’s also known to add more silicone to his shirt than in an actual bathroom but doesn’t half leave a bathroom looking fit for the queen. In his spare time, other than being a massive foodie & eating all in site, Myles enjoys contact sports on the weekends and upgrading his tool kit to make life easier for what he does best, bathrooms!



Mr Cheeky. We have other names for Mason but it wouldn’t be suitable here. Masons the OG of Nu Age and was the first member of the Nu Age expansion. He’s also an MMA expert and is normally kept on a lead, but if you don’t pay your bill, we set him free. Mason’s a big softy at heart and the bigger the challenge, the more he gets stuck in. From day one, Mason is a huge asset to the company and is one of the most outstanding developing apprentices we’ve seen.




Donovan joined Nu Age in January 2021 and through rotating days helping Daniel & Kieran, is covering all aspects of the plumbing & heating industry. Learning the trade very quickly, Donovan will never decline a cup of coffee, thus keeping him at 100% optimisation throughout the day. Donovan plays defence for a local football team. 

Donovan at Nu Age


Mr Sophisticated. Frankie definitely arrived in a time capsule from the 1960’s with his vibrant personality and shining confidence at such a young age. Frankie is a diamond in the rough and although in his early days, takes great initiative & independence on jobs. Frankie has given us permission to reach out to let the world know he's “A single pringle, ready to mingle”, his words. Frankie is a walking wikipedia that’ll fill you in on the latest species of fish that he discovered over the weekend.

Nu Age Logo.jpg


The Bucket Man! Jake joined the team as a bathroom assistant and has been up and down stairs with a bucket more times than hot dinners. Jake originally studied sports & nutrition at college but as soon as he heard Nu Age were looking to expand, he couldn’t help but send over a CV! Jake is in the making of becoming one of the greatest bathroom fitters, with a great can do attitude and keenness to learn.

Nu Age Logo.jpg
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