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Which are the best boilers to buy in 2023?

Anyone who has taken the time to look at boilers will know there is an overwhelming selection of them available today. So it can be challenging to decide on a boiler for your home.

Which are the best boilers to buy in 2022

What are the main types of boilers?

Knowing more about the types of boilers will make your decision easier when you are looking at boilers. Three types of boilers are popular in UK homes. Each one has excellent features and, unfortunately, some disadvantages.

The law in the UK states that new boilers need to be condensing boilers. There are three primary kinds of condensing gas boilers. They are conventional boilers, system boilers, and combi boilers.

Conventional boilers

These boilers consist of a tank for water storage and a cylinder. They are great for large families since the water tank can supply the household with a significant amount of hot water. A conventional boiler can be used with solar panels and systems to lower your electric costs and impact the environment.

Here are the advantages of a conventional boiler:

  • Perfectly capable of supplying multiple bathrooms with water simultaneously.

  • A great plus for homes that are located in areas where the water pressure is low.

  • Exceptionally compatible with solar systems

Here are the downsides of a conventional boiler:

  • Bulky size

  • It takes time to warm up

  • Installation is complicated and expensive since a tank, and a cylinder needs to be installed

System boilers

System boilers are also good options for homes with multiple bathrooms. However, they don't take up as much space since they don't come with a water tank.

Here are the benefits of system boilers:

  • Running the boiler is affordable

  • Compact in size

  • Immediately supplies hot water

  • Compatible with solar systems

The disadvantages of a system boiler are:

  • If the hot water runs out, it will take time to reheat

  • The cylinder needs space

  • Might need insulation to prevent a loss of heat

Combi boilers

These boilers are the most affordable option for most homes. They provide both central heating and water heating.

Here are the advantages of combi boilers:

  • Zero waiting time for central heating and hot water

  • The great size makes it a space saver.

  • Powerful water pressure

  • Easily maintained

  • Less pipework means a lower risk of freezing

Here are the disadvantages of a combi boiler:

  • Not ideal for multiple bathrooms using water simultaneously

  • Leaks can result in less water pressure

  • Not suitable for large homes or big families

  • Not compatible with all showers

What to look for in a boiler in 2023

Your perfect boiler will depend on these factors:

  • The number of bathrooms in your home

  • How many people live in the house

  • The water pressure of the area where you live

  • Your budget

  • The amount of space you have for the boiler

  • How much time you want to spend on maintenance.

Considering these factors will be much easier for you to select the boiler that is best suited for your home.

Nu-Age Conclusion

People who want to buy a new boiler are fortunate to choose from three great kinds of boilers. Think about your needs when selecting the ideal boiler for your home.


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