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What is the best central heating system for a UK house?

No one likes the idea of a chilly home in the winter. However, the concept of high electric bills isn't appealing, either. Therefore the way you choose to heat your home is essential. There are several ways to heat your home, and so it can be tricky to know which method is best for your home.

What is the best central heating system for a UK house?

So, where to start?

Currently, the most common method of central heating in the UK is central gas heating. However, there are more than a million homes that are being heated differently. People who prefer to heat their homes in ways other than central gas heating have the option of using electric, oil, and LPG heating systems.

Gas central heating

This is the most affordable way to heat your home if your home is already connected to the national gas grid. However, it's best to combine your gas central heating with an efficient and reliable boiler. By getting a suitable boiler, you can cut down on your electric bills.

Biomass heating systems

If you prefer not to use LPG, oil, electricity, or gas for home heating, a great option is using a wood or biomass heating system. Instead of using oil or gas, these systems use organic material to give us heat and hot water. Wood pellets and logs are most commonly used in these heating systems.

In addition, a lot of people enjoy a stove for burning wood to not only warm up their living room but to make it feel cosy. It's also possible to connect this stove to your boiler. This way, it can assist with heating your water and heating your home.

The other kinds of central heating systems found in the UK are:

  • Electric central heating

  • LPG central heating

  • Immersion heaters

  • Storage heaters

With so many heaters to choose from, the best one will depend on what you are looking for in a central heating system.

The factors to consider in your central heating system

Here are four elements that you can keep in mind when you are considering the most suitable type of central heating system for your home:

The most efficient

If you are looking for the most efficient central heating system, it's hands down an electric heater. For example, gas boilers tend to lose at least 10% of the heat through flue and pipes. In comparison, an electric heater converts 100% of the electricity. This means more efficiency and no waste.

The best temperature control

Reasonable temperature control is a feature that a great boiler should have. Electric heaters make it possible for you to control the temperature in every room while not requiring you to switch the entire system on.

The most eco-friendly

Renewable power sources are the best way to heat homes in an eco-friendly way.

The best option for future use

Unfortunately, gas is not an infinite resource, and therefore, it will run out at some point.

Nu-Age Conclusion

By considering the factors above, you can choose the best central heating system for your home.

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