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What is a smart heating system?

Smart heating systems can be used to control heating throughout your house or building using a smartphone.A thermostat will require a multizone set-up that connects with your WiFi network. This allows for remote control of the temperature in each room wirelessly.

Smart thermostats have the ability to adjust to external temperatures automatically by collecting and tracking meteorological data. This feature is called Weather Compensation and it will help keep you warm when it gets cold and cool while it gets warm.

Depending on which smart heating system is used, you can control the heating by using an app on a smartphone, tablet and computer. A smart thermostat will give you more control over the heating system. This smart thermostat can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or any other smart device. If you have a multizone, you can heat the whole home or individual rooms. Smart thermostats can monitor your lifestyle and suggest ways to reduce your bill.

What is the working principle of smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats can be connected to the boiler and Wi-Fi of a home using an existing wire connection, provided that the wires comply with the manufacturer's guidelines. Your current boiler can usually be included in the smart home. When choosing your smart heater system, make sure to verify with a manufacturer that the boiler you have is compatible with it.

Wi-Fi is also available to connect the thermostat. You can modify the thermostat temperature remotely and from any place in your home by downloading an app.

  • After downloading the smart heating app, adjust the temperature from your phone which will be sent your thermostat.

  • The thermostat will adjust the temperature and turn the boiler on/off (depending on which option you choose) by sending a signal.

  • If you decide to purchase a smart heating system, make sure to follow all security precautions.

Features of a smart heating system


The temperature outside can affect the performance of some smart heating systems. The thermostat will adjust the heating to maintain your home in your desired temperature and will take into consideration the outside temperature.

Hot water control

Depending on which boiler your system has, some smart heating systems can control hot water and central heating. A smart heating system is not required if you have a combi boiler which heats water instantly.

The app allows you to schedule, adjust, turn on, and off hot water just like you can with heating. You can do it wirelessly or remotely.

Multiroom control or zone heating

This feature is great for large homes, where some rooms don't get used as much as others. The ability to adjust the temperatures of individual rooms allows you to either turn off the heating or heat the sitting room more than the kitchen. This is a great feature for large homes where people spend more time there.

This can be achieved by purchasing a new thermostat in each zone or using smart radiator valves to control the room.

Energy reports

It's a great feature to have access to the energy report from your thermostats. It allows you to get a complete understanding of your heating bills and the best ways to reduce them.

What is the best Control?

A single smart heating system won't work for everyone. It all depends on your budget and needs. Talk to one of our engineers to find the right smart thermostat for you.

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